About the Process

In your initial consultation we will discuss your style inspirations. I encourage you to bring garments you own and love or photos depicting your style ideas, or take delight in viewing my catalogues of exquisite Italian designed patterns which can be purchased on your behalf. These designs are the embodiment of style and elegance for wedding gowns, bridesmaid and ball dresses, cocktail attire as well as high end daywear, whether you are seeking something classic, modern or trendy.

Once we are satisfied with your design, work can commence. The pattern is prepared according to the design option you have chosen, and a toile, or mock up, of your dress is constructed for your first fitting. This allows for fine tuning before work commences with your actual fabric. Several more fittings will occur as your garment progresses towards completion. A final fitting ensures we are both happy with the finished product before it yours to take home.