I have been sewing for over forty years and working with clients since 2011. From a very young age I have been passionate about sewing, finding satisfaction in being able to create something unique. Initially sewing for my dolls and toys, I quickly moved to sewing for myself and have never looked back. After finishing school, I began sewing for family and friends, made sample garments for display in a fabric store and accepted intermittent work with clients. In 2011, driven by a passion for sewing and fashion, I decided to pursue my dream of sewing as a career.

I have a commitment to ongoing education demonstrated through extensive reading and learning in areas such as couture techniques, tailoring, pattern making and fitting. Although I have extensive experience over a range of garments, my particular interest is in special occasion wear and tailoring and when not sewing for clients I will be experimenting with new fabrics, techniques and designs of my own.

Having a long association with Fabulous Fabrics in Balcatta, I have been one of their recommended dressmakers since 2011.